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10 May, 2013 12:51 Susan Shaw
Hmmm...just poked around this website and am wondering who's there?  And why should that matter....I am creating my habit(s) to affect my immediate surroundings and my own spirit, mind &  Maybe it's best to simply proceed - and not worry about more than that at this moment.


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    Hi Susan, I agree that it's nice to know who else is using this site and posting on the community boards. I've been using "42 Goals" for 2 or more weeks, every day. I'm tracking all sorts of activities including garden & house chores, exercise, sleep and sewing projects. So far it's increased my productivity in all areas except sewing. (Perhaps summer isn't the season to be indoors sewing anyway.) All right, I'm off to go on a bike ride- good luck accomplishing your dreams and goals! Hope to hear from you again! :-)
    10 May, 2013 18:01
  • Susan Shaw
    Hi Hazel....It does feel good to hear from you! I am glad that you are having success - it feels really good, right? Had you struggled with these things...or are you just trying to have *more* success? I am working with a program that suggests building habits one at a I have chosen to focus on de-cluttering. I am amazed and encouraged to see what a small, focused amount of time can accomplish. I have weight and fitness goals, too. I am pretty consistent with time on the stairmaster and just added bicycling in the last couple weeks. I will probably add charts for that too. Congratulations and keep up the great work! Thanks for posting...keep in touch! (P.S. I just finished a good novel, *The Language of Flowers*, and in it they say that Hazel means Reconciliation. It's a beautiful name.
    11 May, 2013 13:09
  • Susan Shaw
    BTW..."Sitting" is one of your goals - is that meditation?
    11 May, 2013 13:12
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    Hello Susan, The goal I struggle with the most is house cleaning, but what I'm most excited about is accomplishing my fitness goals. I'm fairly active, but over the past couple of years I've been increasing my activity level; doing more cross-country skiing in the winter and road biking in the summer. My "sitting" goal is not meditation, it is that I'm trying to spend less time sitting (on my couch) ever since reading research that claimed that sitting much more than 3 hours a day is worse for health than not doing "exercise". Instead I'm trying to just stay on my feet more, engaged in every day activities. I like your de-cluttering goal. It's good to hear that you're making progress on that. Do you have a lot more de-cluttering to do? Is this a multi-year project? How have you organized 42 goals to support that goal: amount of time spent a day?
    11 May, 2013 17:02
  • Susan Shaw is most likely a "multi-year project" - but hey, you never know. Only a few days back it seemed to me to be something I would never *ever* get on top of! There is someone who calls himself the Minimalist and writes on that topic - keeping things simple. He and a few other people started a course called the Habit Course. I am structuring the de-cluttering by what they suggest. At first you add any new habit for 5 minutes daily after a "triggering" event. For me that's my second cup of coffee. So, I pick an area and just do 5 minutes right then. They suggest that you set up some accountability - so this website is my place for that. Just charting it would be enough - but the fact that we are talking will add to my accountability....and is really nice besides! Right now all I am tracking is whether I did the 5 minutes or not. (I have to say that while every day I have a 5-minute project - I have been continuing to de-clutter throughout the day - and I am amazed at the changes in my home office....I am loving it!) BTW...I read about the downside of too much sitting - and I have a lot of work that I do on the computer - but right now I am at a desk that allows me to stand while I'm online - I have been doing that - but your reminder made me even more committed - thanks! I am wondering - is it hilly - or even mountainous - where you live? That's what I picture when I hear British Columbia.....must making biking and c-country skiing a real workout! I'm going to go track..and maybe add the fitness piece. Thanks for the inspiration. I'll checkout what you've been doing too - if that's OK?
    13 May, 2013 14:02
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    Susan- the Minimalist's program sounds great. Maybe when I get back from holidays (I'm leaving next week for two weeks) I'll look up that program too and do it. It sounds like something accomplishable. Right now I'm noticing that following through with all of my fitness goals means that I have less time and energy for other goals- like cleaning, gardening, socializing and shopping. I've been wondering if, as my fitness increases, my energy will increase too and I'll be able to get more done than I can now. But anyway, I think for June I'll shift my goals around. It's nice to be committed to goals for one month, and then use that time to see if those goals need to be tweaked a bit. I'm impressed that you stand to work at the computer, btw. My partner does that. And yes, we do live in the mountains. It is quite hilly and that is a big part of the biking experience here. I live in quite a small town, so I'm close to nature, and it's beautiful biking down the highway with the forest and mountains on one side and the lake on the other. Did you end up adding fitness goals to your schedule? Is your house project still going beautifully?
    16 May, 2013 04:32
  • Zoe
    Nice to see you there. Set your goals and follow them!
    29 February, 2016 16:01
  • Uptra Consultancy
    19 September, 2018 10:30

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